Monday, 22 August 2011

The Bazaar Ramadhan -- Lovin' it!!

It is fasting season here and even though I am not a Muslim, I am definitely loving it!

This is the season where I can eat more of rare Malay's delicacy, shops in the Hari Raya sale, and get bonus on my pay day.

In fasting season, we will have Bazaar Ramadhan everywhere. The funny thing about Bazaar Ramadhan here in KK is that there are more non-Muslims buying delicacy than the Muslims.

I was told by my friends where I work is that they don't really interested buying the foods in Bazaar Ramadhan for breaking fast. The food in Bazaar Ramadhan is costly and not healthy. One of them also said that eating what we prepared ourselves feel more satisfying. They can control the ingredient that they need while preparing the meal better. How much butter needed, how much Santan should be put in, how spicy it should be, etc.

I have asked if it is easier to buy from the Bazaar? They don't need to rush home to prepare food. But they answer me, that is the reason why the government allowed women who are Muslims to go home early so they have time to prepare meal for breaking fast. Is it 3pm or 3.30pm?

I don't know how is it in the other state or other places in the world. But I freakin' love fasting season here in KK. There are other more things that fascinates me during the fasting season, but this is one of the things I think odd for me. If I find anymore that fascinates me and worth mentioning, of course I will be blogging bout it.

with love^^

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