Monday, 9 May 2011

Proud and Loud

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYYY!!! Well belated actually. Considering it's already May 9th today. I didn't do much on mother's day cause my mom was out to Papar (her Hometown) yesterday while I was spending my pretty time with myself and CabalSEA.

So, my mother is from the KadazanDusun ancestry, the native race of Sabah. Her maternal side is from Dusun Babagon while her paternal side is from Kadazan Papar. Growing up, I was taught to speak a mix of Kadazan and Dusun language (which makes me the laughing stock for the elders and other people who are not from my close HUGE family. My boyfriend even make fun of me >.<) So I am guilty for able to speak brokenly of my mother-tongue.

In this blog post I'm making is going to be about KadazanDusun song lyrics, dedicate for my KadazanDusun mother.

I was listening to Suria fm Sabah 105.9fm, may I say the hottest Morning Radio station in Sabah, DJ-ed by OTHOE, from 6 through 10am; while the second segment was done by Dudu(Lotter AF4) & Velvet Aduk (Velvet AF4). So I was listening to the second segment and my favorite old song was on aired. It was Proton Saga Kelabu!!!! A funny title for a song but it was really dedicated for the first Malaysian National Car(because Malaysian was so proud of the release of our first car and a multi-million dollar brand!!) The lyrics of the song was also so funny (sarcastically) combine with the catchy tune. The way Sabahan like it!!!

As I was humming and singing-along, I realize something and I have to post it on my BLOG!!!

Some lyrics in Proton Saga Kelabu by Jokteo Akang:
kalau sekadar gaji 600 satu bulan, amu kosukup makan sabab mata duitan..
BM: kalau sekadar gaji 600 satu bulan, tidak cukup makan sebab mata duitan..
Eng: 600 per month as a salary will not be enough just to eat because (she is a) money grubber

mogidu-gidu om gumuli-guli ko doho,
BM Translation: lari meninggalkan diri lalu kembali kepada ku
Eng Translation: runaway leaving then came back to me

mihad-ihad ko moki'insian,
BM Translation: menangis-nagis menagih kasih
Eng Translation: crying for sympathy

romou mato nu, romou mato buayo,
BM Translation: air mata kau, air mata buaya
Eng Translation: your tears are like crocodile tear
crocodile tears are always referred as fake tears by Malaysians' society

apandai do 'makan jalan',
BM Translation: Pandai betul makan jalan
Eng Translation: (you) really know how to take advantage (of others)

mintanud nopo ko dilo proton saga kalabu
BM Translation: Pergi saja ikut tu proton saga kelabu
Eng Translation: Go and follow that grey colored Proton Saga

Some lyrics in Tanak Kampung by Jimmy Palikat (which he also made a Bahasa version):
Yoku nopo diti tanak do mosikin.
BM Translation: Aku ini anak urang miskin,
Eng Translation: I am a poor man's child

Aiso nunu2 do posurungon ku.
BM Translation: Tiada apa-apa yang dapat ku berikan,
Eng Translation: I have nothing to give you

Ika tu olumis, au oku kaanu papasanang dika
BM Translation: Engkau memang cantik, saya tidak dapat membahagiakan kamu
Eng Translation: You are so beautiful, I have nothing to make you happy

Proton Saga Kelabu is a old song back from the 90-ies and it was so famous back then. So famous like the current popular Sabahan Song, Tanak Kampung (Village Boy).

Well my point is, Sabahan love songs that sounds candid or real life drama/dilema or something that opens people eyes that the lyric sounds like what happen to me/you/ a friend/ who ever. It makes us feel like it is the theme of someone lives or something. The lyrics makes people wonder: to whom does the lyricist/ singer point to? a girlfriend? an ex? GOSSIPPSSS!!!
(In my PERSONAL opinion) I LOVE the old song, Proton Saga Kelabu, because it is the best song you should sing to a girl who likes to cling on a guy for their money or to (sarcastically) advice any man that their girlfriend is just some chick who like to waste on their money/ who's there for their (the men's) fortune.

In the other hand, I like the Tanak Kampung song because it was about a humble village boy, who trying to tell the girl who falls madly in love with him to realize that he is poor and could never possibly able to give her a 'happily ever after' life. I like this song because I think it makes those those men who like to show off what they have like cars, house, expensive accessories, etc to be ashamed. Be ashamed that this character in Jimmy Palikat's song is more a man can be, to confess that he got nothing to impress. I have no problem with them showing off IF THE ITEMS ARE BELONG TO THEM (lucky them.. grrr!!). But IF they're not, I'll like to laugh at them not because that they're poor. But simply because they've lost sense of humility. I am the type of girl that won't look at you for your flashy clothes, cars & etc. And girls, those guys who like to show you their flashy accessories, be careful cause you might be his extra-epaulets ONLY.
(I also think that Jimmy's song was out just in time the recession was going on around us. So that's why people like this song, I think?)

Sabahans singer/ lyricist have no shame of making a character and make them look bad like janda muda (young female divorcee) which I would explain why in my next post. So stay tune^^

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