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KaDus is KadazanDusun in short. Get it?

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So as promised, I am going to talk about why Sabahans singer/ lyricist have no shame of making a character and make them look bad or make them look kasian sekasian kasiannya.

Talk about old KadazanDusun (or KaDus in short) songs or the KaDus' 80s-90s songs that was on the radio, there are quite many of the songs that pointing certain circle of people within our society and put them in the bad light or just shaming them?

Such as Janda Muda (Young female divorcee)
- The main (probably) reason why Janda Muda was humiliated in certain KaDus songs is because of the stereotype that people think there was problems created by women thus let them being divorce by their husband. There was also a kind of stereotype, people label Janda Muda as home wrecker. Janda Muda was said to able to do ANYTHING just to be married again, even if its mean snatching someone else husband. Janda Muda was also labeled as cougar, gold-digger, bitch, etc. But these are the old stereotypes. In the current society, most divorcee in Sabah is looked upon as most of them ARE successful regardless in their life or giving a good upbringing to their children without their husband. And there are also reports in the paper said that there are many young divorcee or separation in Sabah was not cause by divocee, but cause by the MORE younger girls who had just turned 18 or perhaps virgins.

rubber tapper
- When he say rubber tapper, West Malaysian will think: oh! Indians.
But in Sabah, most rubber tappers are the Local Native. Most natives who work as rubber tappers are living in, not poor, but just enough to feed their family. Well, the natives who sing about rubber tappers DO NOT humiliate them but rather become the as narrator of the song saying how bad, how un-glamor this poor job, exhausting the job is. It's so bad because they were sometimes cheated when they sell their rubber latex(since most of them are not schooled). It's seems like they feel ashame for what they do for living. But they are happy because being a rubber tapper, they have less worries. They don't need to work on 7 to 5 working hours too. But, must I point out here, rubber tappers are highly look up within Sabahan society because of their courage, and those ka-ching! Especially when the rubber price went up as high as they sky!!! Those native rubber tapper is very good in term of handling rubber's market price.

- As a Sabahan, I am proud that we have so many exotic F&B. Sabahans are proud for the phrases like Sabah, Negeri di Bawah Bayu (Sabah, Land Below the Wind) and Moginum Adat Budaya Orang Kita (Drinking is our people's culture). Yes, Sabahans are drinkers!! Well not all of us. I am a occasional drinker but there are Sabahans that start drinking in a very young age, and as they grow up, they can drink so much beers and not going to be drunk at all!! They can only get drunk when they drink self-made alcoholic drink and traditional drinks such as Montoku/Talak , Tapai Siopon (Rice Wine),

Lagu Tanak Kampung aka Anak Kampung by Jimmy Palikat is still on top of Sabahan favorite. There also un-official translation/rendition that circulating around in another language such as Bajau, Bugis, Kagayan, Murut, Visayans, and I believe even the Om2 pun ikut ada rendition dorg sendiri. But there are no renditions in Mandarin or Hakka or Hokkien or any Chinese Language. The reason is, IT'S REALLY RARE TO HAVE CHINESE BEING RUBBER TAPPER. Because the song is about a boy who have rubber tapper as his main job, do not own a house, even the car is belong to his father.
May be ada rubber tapper Chinese, but most Chinese (that I know) that live in the village are very into sektor penanaman sayur like that.

That's all that I can talk about. I'm very sorry if I've said the wrong points in here. I didn't do any homework before posting this. This is just what I thought.

Till then^^

Off topic:
Di Sabah, perkataan "skema" ni bermaksud Bahasa Malaysia yang formal, Bahasa Malaysia baku atau Bahasa Malaysia buku teks.
CTH1: wah! skema betul bahasa mak kau.
CTH2: eh! apa angin kau ni main skema2 dalam fesbuk?

"skema" ni dikategorikan Bahasa Pasar oleh orang2 Sabah. Asal dia, saya pun tidak tahu. Yang saya tahu, budak2 kampung saya semua mengguna perkataan ni untuk memperolok-olokkan kawan2 mereka.

Bah! skema pulak saya hari ni. >.<

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