Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Ahhhhh~ to busy with my life and I don't have a time to blog!

My office was audited for MS ISO 9001:2008. For those who don't understand what MS ISO is, it is a standard quality certification. It focus more on the filing system and working procedure of the unit/division/organization.

Then, I was busy facebook-ing. I was obsess with the games.. barn buddy, mall world, hotel city, cafe world, It girl, etc... there are too many games to play with on facebook.. how can I have time to blog? Now? kinda got tired of them. =.=
Yes. I am a half-hearted person <---- sometimes!!!!!

CabalSEA? I am on the. AGAIN!! I could never got tire of this one.

tumblr.. I'm so sorry Blogger. I can stay faithful to you anymore coz I found a mini blog that is so awesome I had to brag here^^
tumblr is almost like twitter but you can type more letters over there. geez.. It is so fun over there!! Here is my tumblr page LadyLikeBell

p/s: I still love blogger.. I won't get a divorce from you^^

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