Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coffin Buried by the Snow

As a blogger, and some one who loves internet so much, I cannot ignore this matter.

Hello mate^^

My post this time is about the notorious Peter Coffin and Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue (the author of xiaxue.blogspot.com) I know, I am quite late.. oh wait, I might be the last person on earth blogging about this thing. LOL!

Anyway, XiaXue is a popular BLOGGER (not model like ya'll think she is) from Singapore. She is not the person anyone should mess with. People who know her would remember her internet feud with Dawn Yang and FuRongJieJie. (but the incident with FRJJ was said not the real FRJJ because China ban blogger.com and it's impossible FRJJ could access blogger.com anywhere in China. FRJJ does have a Chinese entry blog. So XiaXue said it herself that someone else might be translating FRJJ Chinese Blog to gain popularity and attract traffic by harassing XiaXue online.)

I never heard about this Peter Coffin person. Apparently, he is a Youtube partner and he quited his job to pursue his youtube career(way the go man!)
I never saw his video before this whole thing become a rave in the internet. Mr Coffin actually do make some funny stuff on his channel.

From what I read in XiaXue blog, Mr. Coffin had been harassing or should I use cyber-bullying (which is more correct) XiaXue through her twitter. XiaXue did made some twittering back wanting to know what is with him. Apparently, Mr Coffin becomes quite sarcastic towards her, mocking her for the cosmetic surgeries she had, make-ups and etc. XiaXue blocked him, obviously doesn't want to do anything with him. Then, there was a korean looking girl by the name Kimi Kobayashi, began to harass XiaXue. (Kimi Kobayashi is Peter Coffin's Japanese Girlfriend of 8 months) Looking at the way Kimi Kobayashi's language, twittering style, etc.. XiaXue begin to feel suspicious. Apparently, she thinks Kimi Kobayashi and Peter Coffin might be the same person. She begin her investigation and all. Then, she elaborate ALL of the evidence she found and proves that Kimi Kobayashi and Peter Coffin really is the SAME PERSON. From there, XiaXue gained new supporters, readers, admirers. They made this hate campaign on him saying how racist he is. He is a douchbag. He is
Mr Coffin went to Reddit to talk about this matter and said he was the target of a smear campaign and all. And the story goes on and on and on and on. And there were some things going on with xiaorishu being called geffling and gnome by Peter Coffin's supporter (or may be himself) after xiaorishu defended him?

What I think:
I was kind of pity Peter Coffin. I was disagree with him bullying XiaXue on twitter but when he became the victim of a huge hate campaign and seeing people saying all those hate speech on him.
People accused that he is a racist for ignoring the fact that Kimi Kobayashi is not Japanese when he "creates" her(who is actually Lee Na Young, a Korean Ulzzang) .
They also got very angry that Peter Coffin had been throwing jokes back and forth to himself about some racial slur regarding Asians.
Peter Coffin aka Kimi Kobayashi had posted pictures of her younger self with another two Korean kids where there was a caption saying "which one is me? No really I can't tell."
I am an Asian myself. I don't think ALL ASIANS LOOK THE SAME. BUT, people who are not Asians might not see that. SOME Asians said all African/Caucasian/etc look the same which is NOT TRUE!! Believe it or not, not all Asian have slanted eyes. There are Asians who have big round doe eyes.
In my opinion, I think its understandable that Mr Coffin cannot differentiates between Korean and Japanese and other Asians. I, myself unable to differentiates Irish and Italian, Cubans and Mexican or Sri Lankan and Indian. Not because I am ignorance. But simply, I don't know. I have to ask what nationality people are, then I know whether he is a Singh, she is Latina, he is from Thailand, she is from Barbados, etc. Peter Coffin is wrong in presuming that Kimi Kobayashi is a Japanese. He is just lack of knowledge how Korean look like and understanding Korean & Japanese words.
Peter Coffin was in wrong for cyber-bullying. But now, he has become the victim of cyber-bullying by the netizens. But hey! Look at the bright side Peter Coffin, you are famous now! You better make a movie, memoir or something. Treat this as a publicity for you. People had made worse publicity stunt than you. Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian & sex tape.. remember?

I made long entry not to defend Peter Coffin ( but I do sound like I defend him, right?)
I hope that you learned this and take advantage to make money from this pal!!
I just want people to who condemned cyber-bullying to understand that they are become the bully like Peter Coffin was.
But in the same time, I applaud XiaXue skills. You could be the next Nancy Drew girl! And CONGRATZ on your youtube channel. I love watching them. You should do more hauls with Michelle Phan as well.

Well then folks


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