Friday, 12 February 2010

Appreciate for what you have.

She had taken care of you for all your life.
She had loved you for all her heart.
She had cried for you for all her tears.

But what would you do she had fallen ill?
Don’t you want to take care of her as well?
Don’t you want to makes her better for a moment?
Don’t you want to show her your love and care just like how she had done for you for all her life?

Nothing can replace a motherly love. Nothing can exchange the warmth of it.

“menangis darah sekalipun dia tidak akan kembali lagi.”
~~She will never come back even if you cry with tears of blood

This is the cruelest phrase to hear when you are sad for loosing someone who is very important for you.
But it is also the most meaningful phrase if you had made her sad before.

Love your mother.

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