Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mango.. I mean Manga..

It's been ages since my last post.. I don't have many time to update my blog. Moreover, the internet connection in my office is very bad. Actually WORST!!

I don't really understand what kind of system they're using. Apparently they kept it secret for security purpose.. =.="|||

Well, I’ve mention how I'm a fanatic of lotions. I’m also having a huge crush on manga. In Bahasa Malaysia, ‘manga’ is a tropical fruit that we have here in Malaysia which is mango. My current favorite manga is Naruto and Gakuen Alice(Alive Academy). My mom also say how childish of me, wasting my time reading manga online. Well mom, at least I didn’t waste my money on buying the complete episode of certain manga like someone else does!

Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy is a story about a girl who came along way from a small village to the city just to enter a special private school because she wants to stay by her best friend’s side. She found out that the school is full with geniuses. These geniuses own some special ability called Alice. Example of Alice is such as teleportation, time & space manipulation, cloning, nullification, human hormones, animal hormones, etc. This country girl apparently has a kind of Alice that she don’t know that she have. So in the Alice Academy, she have to find out what is her Alice, how to use it for herself as well as others. There she finds friends that would help her pathetic fate of having the greatest and most unique Alice that passed down from her parents. Or else, her life would be crushed by the evil school principal with a rare Alice who had planned to rule everything in his hands.

Naruto is a popular manga about a not-so-brilliant boy who is well-known as a container of the 9 tail fox monster. As a beast container, people fear as well as hate him. People of his village blame him for destroying their village a long time ago. He dreams to become the greatest ninja, hoping to be acknowledged by the people of his village. Within a short time, he was able to surpass his friends as well as those who underestimate him when he was still a kid. In his journey to realizing his dream, he found what’s the meaning of revenge and hate, love and friendship; As well as a friend who would betray him and his village, friends who love and acknowledge his strength, foes who want the beast within him.

Well enough of the manga. I was surfing through the internet this morning and got into this article about ‘8 Signs You Might Be Boring Someone’
It’s an interesting article so I would really love to share it with all of you.
well here's the link^^

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