Monday, 28 December 2009

The days after Christamas^^

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way!!!
Merry Chritmas everyone^^

I'm not a big fans of Christmas. But I love how it makes the atmosphere everywhere seem so happy and calm. Try and go to mall on this season, you'll hear Christmas songs in every store; You'll see Santa Clause walks around the mall and gives out free candies; parents digging out the discount stuff for themselves and their children, etc..

So, I'm a big fan of Cabal Online. I often play CabalSEA but I also play Cabal Chronicle lately. Cabal Chronicle drops rates are hundred times better than CabalSEA. SERIOUSLY!!! Who wouldn't love Mithril set in Cabal? What is so awesome about it, there are Mithril set of AMP 14%+7% amp slot!!! It can be Magic amp or sword amp!!!!!!! You have to be a cabalists to understand me^^
But What I don't like Cabal Chronicle is that there are alot of bullies. They'll in vite you on pvp and type on the chat 'try'.. When you decline and apology to him or her, he'll / she'll type on the chat 'F**K you'!! It's ok if he/she want to abuse me with his/her chat which has no efffect on m. But he/she clearly can see his/her level is a hundred higher than me. However, I could understand how noobs think. Noobie would always thinks that they're better than anyone else. I feel sad for them.

I got serious crack heels nowadays and please don't 'ewwww' me. I'm sure you have the same problem like I have.

I guess that's all I have for now. Gonna update again later^^

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mango.. I mean Manga..

It's been ages since my last post.. I don't have many time to update my blog. Moreover, the internet connection in my office is very bad. Actually WORST!!

I don't really understand what kind of system they're using. Apparently they kept it secret for security purpose.. =.="|||

Well, I’ve mention how I'm a fanatic of lotions. I’m also having a huge crush on manga. In Bahasa Malaysia, ‘manga’ is a tropical fruit that we have here in Malaysia which is mango. My current favorite manga is Naruto and Gakuen Alice(Alive Academy). My mom also say how childish of me, wasting my time reading manga online. Well mom, at least I didn’t waste my money on buying the complete episode of certain manga like someone else does!

Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy is a story about a girl who came along way from a small village to the city just to enter a special private school because she wants to stay by her best friend’s side. She found out that the school is full with geniuses. These geniuses own some special ability called Alice. Example of Alice is such as teleportation, time & space manipulation, cloning, nullification, human hormones, animal hormones, etc. This country girl apparently has a kind of Alice that she don’t know that she have. So in the Alice Academy, she have to find out what is her Alice, how to use it for herself as well as others. There she finds friends that would help her pathetic fate of having the greatest and most unique Alice that passed down from her parents. Or else, her life would be crushed by the evil school principal with a rare Alice who had planned to rule everything in his hands.

Naruto is a popular manga about a not-so-brilliant boy who is well-known as a container of the 9 tail fox monster. As a beast container, people fear as well as hate him. People of his village blame him for destroying their village a long time ago. He dreams to become the greatest ninja, hoping to be acknowledged by the people of his village. Within a short time, he was able to surpass his friends as well as those who underestimate him when he was still a kid. In his journey to realizing his dream, he found what’s the meaning of revenge and hate, love and friendship; As well as a friend who would betray him and his village, friends who love and acknowledge his strength, foes who want the beast within him.

Well enough of the manga. I was surfing through the internet this morning and got into this article about ‘8 Signs You Might Be Boring Someone’
It’s an interesting article so I would really love to share it with all of you.
well here's the link^^

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's Just The Emotion Of My Lotion

Hello hello!

Gosh, I hope it doesn't sound like CC Babcock.. lol

Not many knows how fanatic I am with lotions. I use lotions on my hands, elbows, knees and my feet. I rarely use feet cream for my crack heels (ouch!). I think using lotion is much more convenient as I can use it all over my body.

I am working in an air conditioned office with no windows to open which resulted my skin to be quite dry. So what I do is I drink lots of water (I mean a hell lots of water!)

Then I put my personal favorite lotion are such as The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Lotion. I didn't get enough sun since I worked in this office so I sometime get worried if I don't get enough Vit E. Therefore I use this lotion. It is certainly good for all skin type. The downside of this lotion is that it have weird smell. If you use it for the first time, I'm sure you'll not gonna like it. But it works for sensitive skin like my mom have. A trial pack (60ml) worth RM11.90.

Pix 1 : The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Lotion 60 ml

Another lotion that I like to use is from the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy White Uv Protection Lotion. I bought a trial pack (120ml) a year ago, Rm2.90. It actually worth RM 5.90. I use this lotion after I tried the one from the Body Shop. It is quite good, not greasy or sticky and it smell sweet too. It has yogurt serum which moisturize our skin and provide nutrition. With triple sunscreen to prevent dullness & dark spot that caused by UVB & UVA. With Vit B3, it also help to enhance the natural lightening process. It really worth my small pocket money.

Pix 2 : Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy White Uv Protection Lotion 120 ml

I am still searching for one ultimate lotion that is inexpensive but fill with skin nourishment and moisturize skin very well. Hoping this will not be a never ending journey...


Thursday, 16 July 2009

My Land Below The Wind..

Hello all!

Today is such a good day to start a blog. Good weather outside, but my office is freakin' cold right now. It feels like a chiller in here. Its good to have a nice warm coffee right here
So as the first article for my new blog, I would love to tell you about my hometown.

I live in Kota Kinabalu city in Sabah. Sabah is Malaysia's 2nd largest state and located in the north Borneo. Sabah is very popular with its exotic islands such as the Manukan Island, Tiga Island, Sulug Island, Gaya Island, Mamutik Island, Sapi Island, Mabul Island, Sipadan Island, and more. There are a lot of small islands scattered around Sabah. Some are not inhabited. These islands are popular for its diving destinations. Labuan is also known as the duty free shopping spot!

Sabah also own one of the oldest virgin forest in the National Park Ranau. There are rare birds, wild floras and faunas, and most popular of all, the rafflesia.
We also have many world reknown golf & country clubs.
We also have many beautiful beaches.

Foods are also one of the main attractive here. We have foods of Chinese, Malay, Javanese, Western, Europeans,Indians and many more. No matter what style of the food is being cooked, no one should ever missed out Sabahans fresh seafoods. Apart from that, everyone should try the local ethnics delicacies. One most popular ethnics dish in Sabah is the sago palm grub - butod.. It is not only delicious, it is also high in protein!

Everyone who come to Sabah would certain love to climb the pride of the Sabahan which is the Mount Kinabalu. It is believed to be the heaven or the resting place of the dead. It is located at the Ranau district.

For the extreme sport lovers, I would recommend Padas River for a wild water rafting as well as a week long jungle trekking in the Crocker range.

Eco-tourism is widely promoted in Sabah lately. This is to encourage the whole world to experience the real nature and to install knowledge the importance of protecting & preserving the nature for the prevention of global warming.

I once heard a phrase -
Sabah is like a huge theme park
. I agree with it and it is very true. People who came to Sabah would confirm it as well. Come to Sabah once, and I would guarantee you would want to come again.